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The windows specialists

Since 1981

High-tech PVC Windows

Designed to offer very high performance in Canada's maritime regions

Rigid all-PVC monoframe, fusion-welded for increased rigidity.

Removable fiberglass screen in an enameled aluminum frame with interior wheelbase for superior appearance and performance.

All PVC multi-chamber profiles ensuring maximum insulation.

Shutter with positioning support pads, unique in the industry.

Opening of the flap at 90° to facilitate cleaning of the interior.

3 and 5 inch frame thickness available

Energy-efficient triple weatherstripping integrated into the frame.

1/2" and 3/4" finishing cavity integrated into the interior frame.

Long live color!

On-site painting of windows and steel doors

State-of-the-art Lechler paint specially formulated to coat PVC.

20 years of experience in color with 3 workshops on site.

Non-standard colors reproduced by digital mixing. 6 standard colors.

Complete covering of the frame for an ultra modern look inside the house.

Minimal heat absorption and maximum heat reflection. UV resistant.

Environmentally friendly water-based paint.

Colors available on windows, tiles, steel or fiberglass doors, door frames and garage doors.

10 year warranty against chipping, blistering, cracking or corrosion.


Endless color choices!

Steel doors